Each of the projects below includes free instructions you can download, as well as an instructional video demonstrating how to build and test your homebuilt model aircraft!

   Valentines Quick Project


Instructions: Imagine it’s 1940 and you are an executive at General Mills who’s mission is to sell more Wheaties cereal to kids around the country… How do you generate excitement for your brand and get kids to eat their breakfast? The answer was found in a popular radio series Jack Armstrong, who encouraged kids to eat their Wheaties and receive model airplanes as a reward. The first set of aircraft were SKY RANGER model planes, but in 1944 General Mills developed paper cardstock WWII aircraft paper models that flew wonderfully, both then and now! If you have a printer at home and a few sheets of cardstock, you too can build your own paper model aircraft. Download these free instructions and the template here. Be sure to share your experience with us by emailing!