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Pre-K Counting Aircraft: Skyward Adventures


Counting Aircraft

Learning Standards/Indiana Mathematics Foundation 1: Numeracy

Early learners develop foundational skills in learning to understand counting, cardinality, written numerals, quantity, and comparison.

M1.1: Demonstrate a strong sense of counting

  1. Infant – Repeat a movement like a clap
  2. Younger Toddler - Imitate verbal counting sequence not necessarily in order
  3. Older Toddler - Count the number sequence 1-5
  4. Younger Preschool - Recognize that the count remains the same regardless of the order or arrangement of the objects
  5. Older Preschool - Identify, without counting, small quantities of items (1- 4) presented in an irregular or unfamiliar pattern (subitize)

Materials Needed

My First Counting Book by Cindy Entin, template of aircraft pictures - (rocket, helicopter, airplane, hot air balloon, and jet), card stock paper, and Velcro.

Part 1: Read-aloud

My First Counting Book by Cindy Entin

Part 2: Discussion

Ask the students what kinds of things they like to count. Tell them it is fun to count things. Let them know that they are going to look at some pictures of aircraft and count how many there are so that the airport runway does not get too crowded. Let them know that they are learning math.

Part 3: Activity

  1. Have five aircraft pictures on a wall (using Velcro) or sitting on an easel
  2. Talk about each, saying “the first one, the second one…”
  3. Ask how many aircraft the students see
  4. Remove and replace different numbers of aircraft, asking each time, “Now how many do you see?”

Part 4: Summary

Today you learned about counting. You learned how to keep all the people at the airport safe. It is important to know how to count.

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Download PDF
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