Patrick Sherman of Roswell Flight Test Crew shares beginner tips of how to fly first-person view (FPV).


Radio Controlled Precision Aerobatics is usually referred to as “Pattern” since a predetermined “Pattern” of maneuvers are flown.

If you have never given Control Line (CL) flying a try, this article will bring you information about entering CL in whatever event you would like to join. Read more to explore another segment of model aviation!

This presentation serves to assist with Part 107 Daylight Waiver applications.
What is a stabilization system, and how does it work?
The Step-On Stooge technique allows you to wind your rubber motor without it being a two-person task.
LiPo (Lithium-Polymer) batteries are a popular means for powering our electric models. As is the case when working with any power source, there are a few things that modelers need to know to stay safe and keep their batteries performing.
Today’s model fliers have many great choices for radio equipment. This article will try to help new modelers better understand the features available in most RC transmitters.


The first model aviation club in the United States, the Junior Aero Club of America , was formed in 1908 by Miss Elizabeth Todd.