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Pre-K Quick Projects - Conga Line Flight

group of planes flying together

Aviation Adventure: The Conga Line Flight!

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop observational skills.
  • Enhance motor coordination through pretend play.
  • Foster teamwork and cooperation.

Materials Needed:

  • Today I Will Fly by Mo Willems (book)
  • Sound clips of conga music
  • Model airplane (optional)


  • King Conga (play the audio clip)

Activity Plan:

Part 1: Read-Aloud

  1. Begin by reading Today I Will Fly by Mo Willems. Discuss the story’s themes related to flight and adventure.

Part 2: Discussion

  1. Engage the students in a conversation about airplane movements.
  2. Show them a model airplane (if available) and introduce terminology such as pitch, yaw, and roll.
  3. Explain that they will work together to practice these movements and learn more about airplanes.

Part 3: Conga Line Flight

  1. Have students stand and form a line.
  2. Play lively conga music.
  3. Instruct the “airplanes” (students) to move in line formation, following your lead:
    • Roll left: Lean to the left.
    • Roll right: Lean to the right.
    • Yaw left: Turn left.
    • Yaw right: Turn right.
    • Pitch up: Reach upward.
    • Pitch down: Bend forward.
  4. Encourage creativity and exaggeration in their movements.
  5. After practicing, have everyone “fly” back to their seats while continuing to demonstrate pitch, yaw, and roll.

Part 4: Summary

  1. Recap what the students learned:
    • Airplane movements (pitch, yaw, roll).
    • The parts of a plane responsible for these movements.
  2. Emphasize that they can continue pretending to be airplanes and explore the exciting world of flight.
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