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Pre-K Projects with the Buzz of Aircraft Sounds: Takeoff to Takeaway

a woman standing next to a plane

Aircraft Sounds Exploration

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop listening skills and motor skills through sound recognition.
  • Engage in pretend play and teamwork by identifying aircraft sounds.
  • Categorize sounds and shapes, fostering early literacy and cognitive development.


  • “The Ear Book” by Al Perkins (YouTube video)
  • “Amazing Airplane Sound Book” by Tony Mitten
  • Aircraft sound clips
  • Template of corresponding aircraft pictures

Part 1: Interactive Read-aloud Begin with an engaging read-aloud of “The Ear Book” by Al Perkins, available on YouTube, or “Amazing Airplane Sound Book” by Tony Mitten. Encourage students to listen attentively to the sounds described in the books.

Part 2: Sound Identification Discussion Initiate a discussion by asking students about their familiarity with different sounds. Play various aircraft sound clips and invite students to guess the source. Display pictures of the corresponding aircraft when a student guesses correctly. Encourage group participation by having everyone attempt to mimic the sounds together.

Part 3: Hands-on Activity Play a series of aircraft sound clips and ask students to match each sound with the correct picture template. After all sounds have been played, give students the opportunity to individually create their favorite airplane sound. Conclude with a group activity where everyone makes their favorite sounds together.

Part 4: Reflective Summary Wrap up the session by summarizing the importance of listening skills. Highlight how attentive listening can enhance understanding of the world, from natural sounds like birds and frogs to urban noises like fire trucks, trains, airplanes, and cars.

This structured approach aims to make the learning experience more interactive and memorable for the students.

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