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Pre-K-8th Grade

Suitable for children of all ages up to the 8th grade

Pre-K Quick Projects - The Airplane is in the Hangar

quick project airpane is in hangar

In this lesson, students learn about airplane hangars through a read-aloud book, discussion, and activity where they sing a song and pull out pictures of different aircraft from a decorated cardboard box. The lesson concludes with a summary and a reminder that airplanes sleep in the hangar.

Pre-K Quick Projects - Fly a Kite

quick projects fly a kite

In this activity, students will read a book about kite flying, discuss their experiences with flying kites, and then make and fly their own kites using a sled kite template. The activity promotes learning standards and concepts such as observing, counting, shapes, and motor skills.

Pre-K Quick Projects - Counting Aircraft

quick project counting aircraft

In this activity, students learn about counting by looking at pictures of aircraft and counting how many there are to keep the airport runway from getting too crowded. They also discuss their favorite things to count and learn about the importance of counting.

Pre-K Quick Projects - Conga Line Flight

quick project conga flight line

In this lesson, students will learn about the movements of an airplane (pitch, yaw, roll) through a read-aloud and discussion. They will then participate in a conga line activity, where they will practice these movements while pretending to be airplanes. The lesson concludes with a summary encouraging students to think about the parts of a plane that make these movements happen and to continue having fun pretending to be airplanes.

Pre-K Quick Projects - Plants That Fly

quick project plants that fly

In this activity, students will learn about seeds that fly by reading a book about seeds and discussing different examples. They will then make and fly paper whirly-birds that resemble maple seeds, and discuss the similarities between the whirly-birds and helicopters. The activity aims to teach students about how seeds fly in nature and encourage them to observe seeds flying in their everyday lives.

Pre-K Quick Projects - Mobile

quick project mobile

This article discusses a lesson plan for teaching young children about the wind through exploration and investigation. The activities include reading a book, discussing the wind, and creating a mobile that moves with the wind. The lesson aims to help children understand and be prepared for different weather conditions.

AMA Junior Camp V3 Project 4

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