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SEL Learning in UAS4STEM


UAS4STEM is a drone engineering contest that is designed for students to learn, practice, and demonstrate plenty of sUAS knowledge and other skills

Empowering Paper Planes: AMA Junior Camp V3 Project 5

Superhero paper airplanes

Imagine this: You’re standing on a grassy field, the sun warming your face. In your hands, a sleek paper airplane awaits its transformation. But this isn’t just any paper plane—it’s about to become a marvel of engineering. With the AMA Jr. Camp Flight Pack, you’ll harness the power of a capacitor, turning your humble creation into a high-flying, smartphone-controlled wonder. As you attach the electronics, you can almost feel the anticipation in the air. Will it soar gracefully or perform loop-de-loops? The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination!


Heavy Lift Challenge

The AMA is hosting the Heavy-Lift Challenge, a mission-oriented competition where teams engineer a payload carrying mechanism for a model aircraft. The challenge focuses on flight fundamentals, aviation safety, and meteorology, and registration costs $99.99 per team.

AMA Youth Camps

Camp AMA logo
CAMP AMA Designed for ages between 13 and 17 years old, with skill levels from beginner to advanced. Held June 11-17, 2023 at the International

UAS4STEM Drone Challenge

Introducing the UAS4STEM Challenge! UAS4STEM is a team-oriented, competitive program for middle and high school students to build their own drone

Litespeed Airshow

a man holding a wright flyer model in front of a crowd
AMA members Dennis Michael & Tom Vintaloro, of the Litespeed Flight Demonstration Team, have endeavored to make model aviation and its technological