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Ensuring Safety and Fun: Hosting Model Aviation Events for Youth

a group of people standing in a grassy field looking at control line aircraft.

Summer is the perfect time to share our love of model aviation with our local communities. And some of the best people to share it with are the local youth!

However, it is important to take precautions when working with young aviation enthusiasts, and it can be pretty daunting to figure out where to start. 

Luckily, the AMA Education team worked hard to put together a document that can be used as a great starting point! Below you'll see a document that details some ways that you can ensure you and your team are prepared to host a safe, fun event for all!

It is important to note that these are suggestions, and we encourage you to research local and state requirements for hosting an event in your area. 

Happy flying!

Download PDF

The text from the PDF is added below for readability: 



Being great advocates for model aviation hinges upon our ability to be good hosts to our AMA members and the public. To safely facilitate youth participation at events and clubs, please take a moment to review some recommendations noted below, as well as pay attention to and incorporate any local and state requirements. 

  • Complete background checks for all adult participants. 
  • Consider child abuse prevention training. These will differ between states so we recommend researching the requirements of your state. 
  • Never be one on one with a youth member/attendee. Ensure that there are other people around. 
  • Have a clear set of rules that are on display and easily accessible for your attendees/participants, and make sure that you enforce these rules. 
  • Consider sending a Code of Conduct that formal participants must sign prior to attending specific events. Some of these rules may include: following basic safety rules, no possession of dangerous substances, exhibiting good sportsmanship, and treating all individuals and equipment with care and respect. If participants do not follow these rules, they face consequences such as going home rather than finishing out the experience. 
  • Have a comprehensive written child protection policy. Any employees and volunteers with access to children or minors should undergo a screening process which includes a waiting period, interviews, reference checks, and there should be guidelines for parents, mandatory employee/volunteer guidelines, and counseling recommendations. 
  • Ensure that adults working/volunteering at the event understand their roles and responsibilities. 
  • Limit communication to sharing program information through the following: telephone calls or texts to the parent's telephone (not the youth's mobile phone); E-mails addressed to both the youth and his or her parents; and written information sent to the parents' home. 
  • Always report suspicions of abuse, neglect, or injury to the appropriate authorities and guardians if appropriate. Following the incident, communicate with Club Leadership and the AMA Cubs department regarding the situation. 

It is important to use these as a starting point. Your club or organization is its own entity and has its own needs and audiences. You can always reach out to the AMA with questions or concerns. 

We wish you clear skies and safe flights.