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2024 Educational Outreach Opportunites

nasa presentation

By Gwen Mathis, AMA Education Development Coordinator | [email protected]

THE AMA EDUCATION team has been busy attending various conferences to discuss AMA’s educational resources. These resources allow educators to introduce aviation, aerodynamic principles, and engaging STEAM projects into their educational spaces. We understand that model aviation is often the easiest and least expensive way to become involved in aviation, and AMA seeks to foster youth interest in our favorite hobby by providing free materials and curricula to educators and youth.

AMA Education Development Coordinator Gwen Mathis spoke to educators at the 2024 Hoosier Association of Science Teachers, Inc. (HASTI) conference that was held in late February in Indianapolis. She gave a presentation titled, "Inspiring & Equipping a Love for Aviation." Please note that although the presentation focused heavily on AMA’s free education materials, it did dive into some paid resources and contests.

This presentation covered AMA’s history and practices, The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST), AMA STEAM Quick Projects, our hands-on K-12 AeroLab curriculum, AMA Jr. Camp and Flight Kits, Model Aviation Student Clubs (MASCs), Know Before You Fly Student Drone Kits and curriculum, the Heavy Lift Challenge, UAS4STEM, and resources from some of our educational partners, including NASA, Civil Air Patrol, and the FAA’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Aviation and Space Education Program.

The team also attended the 2024 National Science Teaching Association conference that was held in Denver in March.

The AMA Education team spoke alongside NASA STEM Integration Lead April Lanotte about including NASA’s Advanced Capabilities for Emergency Response Operations project in the classroom. The NASA team generously offered some of its presentation time to AMA to discuss TRUST, MASCs, UAS4STEM, how to find local AMA clubs, and how to use resources from our educational partners.

The AMA Education team has been fortunate to have so many opportunities to share our efforts with passionate educators. We look forward to seeing where flight takes our members and learners!