Pre-K Quick Projects - Conga Line Flight

Conga Line Flight   

Learning Standards/Concepts/Practices: Observing, Motor Skills, Pretend Play, Teamwork

Materials Needed

Today I Will Fly by Mo Willems, and sound clips of conga music


King Conga

Part 1: Read-aloud 

Today I Will Fly by Mo Willems

Part 2: Discussion 

Ask the students if they know about the movements of an airplane. Show them a model airplane and exhibit the various movements and their terminology (pitch, yaw, roll). Let them know that they are going to work together to practice pitch, yaw and roll and learn about airplanes.

Part 3: Activity 

A: Have students stand and line up 
B: Play conga music and instruct the students to move in the line formation and follow your instructions
C: Instruct the airplanes to roll left, roll right, yaw left, yaw right, pitch up and pitch down
D: Instruct everyone to be their own plane and fly back to their seats while practicing pitch, yaw and roll

Part 4: Summary

Today you learned about the movements of an airplane and what those movements are called. You can think about the parts of the plane that makes the movements happen. You can pretend to be an airplane have fun.