Pre-K Quick Projects - Balloon Time

Balloon Time

Learning Standards/ Mathematics Foundation 1: Numeracy Early learners develop foundational skills in learning to understand counting, cardinality, written numerals, quantity, and comparison.
M1.3: Recognition of number relations
1. Infant – Explore objects one at a time
2. Younger Toddler - Identify which is more
3. Older Toddler - Visually identify sets of quantities of large differences (using terms more and/or fewer)
4. Younger Preschool - Readily identify first and last
5. Older Preschool - Identify when 2 sets are equal using matching and counting strategies

Materials Needed

I have a Balloon by Ariel Bernstein, beach ball or balloon, string, tape, and small paper cup.

Part 1: Read-aloud 

I have a Balloon by Ariel Bernstein

Part 2: Discussion 

Ask the students if they have ever seen a hot air balloon? Have you ever been in a hot air balloon? What looks like a model of a hot air balloon? Answer: a small beach ball, a party balloon, a water tower (sometimes).

Part 3: Activity 

A: Blow up a balloon and discuss the shape and color (A beach ball may be used in place of a balloon. In that case, go directly to part D.)
B: Blow up another balloon and compare the shape and color
C: Repeat
D: Ask students to tap the balloon up gently to a classmate (instructing everyone to stay in the spot to avoid accidents
E: Have more balloons (or beach balls) ready for the group to discuss the color, shape, and number of balloons
F: Make a model hot air balloon with the students for display

Part 4: Summary

Today you learned about hot air balloons and the shape of them. You learned how to work together to tap the balloon (or ball) around to make it a fun game. You can make models. You can make games. You can count balloons and other things