Pre-K Quick Projects - Mobile

Watch the Wind   

Learning Standards/Indiana Science Foundation 5: Scientific Inquiry and Method. Early learners develop foundational skills in learning and understanding about the world around them through exploration and investigation.
1. Infant - Repeat actions that causes an interesting effect
2. Younger Toddler - Demonstrate curiosity       
3. Older Toddler - Demonstrate curiosity and ask for more information   
4. Younger Preschool - Observe with a focus on details   
Older Preschool - Communicate results of an investigation

Materials Needed

The Wind Blew by Pat Hutchins, template of mobile parts, card stock paper, string, straws, and tape. 

Part 1: Read-aloud 

The Wind Blew by Pat Hutchins (available on YouTube)

Part 2: Discussion 

Ask the students what they know about the wind. Walk the students to the window and ask if the wind is blowing. Ask how they know if it is blowing or if it is not blowing. Let them know that today, they are going to learn about the wind. “Please return to your desks” (or to the rug) for a fun activity.

Part 3: Activity 

A: Show students a mobile that contains characters from the book
B: Have students guess how close they will have to be to make the mobile move with their wind/breath
C: Start with mobile far away, allowing each person a chance to make it move by blowing toward it
D: Ask everyone to work together as a team to create more wind to move the mobile

Part 4: Summary 

Today you learned about the wind. Every time you go outside you can think about the wind and be prepared if it is a very windy day. You can be prepared if there is no wind, but you wanted to fly a kite. Think about the wind and be prepared for what you want to do outside.