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Soaring to New Heights: AMA Jr. Camp 2021 Project 2 Adventure

a plane made from bamboo skewers

Dive into the thrilling world of aviation where the mastery of control surfaces unlocks the secrets to commanding the skies. Discover how these ingenious mechanisms empower pilots to steer their flying machines with precision, even from the safety of the ground. Unravel the mysteries of ailerons, elevators, and rudders, and witness how they transform the raw power of flight into graceful maneuvers. Join us on this captivating journey through the art of aerial navigation! ✈️🌟

Quick Projects - Gobbler Glider

Gobbler Glider Quick Project

Explore a delightful Thanksgiving turkey-shaped paper aircraft design that combines intricate craftsmanship with impressive flight performance. This unique creation promises to add fun and flair to your holiday celebrations.

Quick Project - Paper Bats

quick projects Halloween paper bat

Discover how to create a paper bat plane using just a standard piece of paper and simple folding instructions. This delightful project is perfect for flying under the moonlight!🦇✨

Quick Projects: Paper Plane Launcher

quick project paper plane launcher

Discover the ultimate secret to soaring success: the Paper Plane Launcher! This ingenious device takes your paper airplanes to new heights, ensuring consistent launches for testing and re-engineering. Whether you're a budding scientist or a seasoned aviator, this affordable gadget is your ticket to flight supremacy. But wait, there's more! Our safety-conscious engineers recommend adult supervision, especially for our younger daredevils. So buckle up, grab your paper fleet, and let the adventure take flight! *Disclaimer: No actual rockets were harmed in the making of this launcher.*

Quick Projects - Hovercraft

quick projects recycled materials hovercraft

Hovercrafts harness pressurized air to glide effortlessly, performing jaw-dropping maneuvers. Build your own model at home and explore the fascinating interplay of energy, lift, drag, friction, thrust, and gravity!