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Pre-K Quick Projects - Conga Line Flight

a group of planes flying together

In this engaging lesson, students explore the fundamental movements of an airplane—pitch, yaw, and roll—through a read-aloud and interactive discussion. They then participate in a lively conga line activity, simulating these movements while pretending to be airplanes. The lesson wraps up with a thoughtful summary, encouraging students to consider the aircraft components responsible for these motions and to continue enjoying their imaginative airplane play.

Pre-K Projects with Flying Plant: Fluttering Flora

planes dropping seeds from the sky

In this engaging activity, young students will explore the fascinating world of flying seeds. The adventure begins with a captivating book about seeds, where they’ll discover the secrets of these airborne wonders. Next, students will dive into discussions, exploring various seed examples and their unique flying mechanisms. Armed with newfound knowledge, they’ll create their own paper whirly-birds, mimicking the flight patterns of maple seeds. As they launch their mini helicopters, students will draw parallels between these whirly-birds and real-life helicopters. The overarching goal is to deepen their understanding of seed dispersal in nature and inspire them to observe seeds taking flight in their everyday surroundings.🌱

A Pre-K Quick Project: Exploring Wind with a Mobile

Wind blowing objects through the sky

This article explores a dynamic lesson plan designed to teach young children about the fascinating world of wind. Through hands-on exploration and investigation, students engage with wind-related concepts. The activities include reading a book, facilitating discussions about wind properties, and creating a mobile that responds to the wind’s movement. By participating in these activities, children gain a deeper understanding of wind dynamics and learn how to be weather-aware.📚💨


Powered Paper Planes: AMA Junior Camp V3 Project 5

Superhero paper airplanes

<div><div><div><p>Imagine this: You’re standing on a grassy field, the sun warming your face. In your hands, a sleek paper airplane awaits its transformation. But this isn’t just any paper plane—it’s about to become a marvel of engineering. With the AMA Jr. Camp Flight Pack, you’ll harness the power of a capacitor, turning your humble creation into a high-flying, smartphone-controlled wonder. As you attach the electronics, you can almost feel the anticipation in the air. Will it soar gracefully or perform loop-de-loops? The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination!<a href="…; target="_blank">✨</a></p></div><div>&nbsp;</div></div><div>&nbsp;</div></div>

Unleashing Creativity: AMA Junior Camp V3 Project 4

Different types of rotorcrafts

The Mars helicopter Ingenuity, with its 72 flights and nearly 129 minutes of combined flight time, ignited our imaginations. It proved that flight on another world isn’t just a dream—it’s a stepping stone to even greater achievements in future missions. Now, let’s pay homage to this plucky drone by creating our own Mars Ingenuity lander in project 4 of the 2022 AMA Jr. Camp. Download the template today and embark on your Martian adventure! 🌟🛸

AMA Junior Camp V3 Project 3

a visual of air, fluid, and density, water bottle and balloon experiment

In this engaging AMA Jr. Camp lesson, students embark on a molecular adventure to unravel the mysteries of gases. They’ll discover the fundamental building blocks of matter—molecules—and how these tiny particles play a pivotal role in the behavior of gases, such as the air we breathe. Through hands-on experiments and interactive demonstrations, learners will gain a deeper appreciation for the invisible forces that shape our world. 🌍✨

The Junior Camp V3 Project 2 Adventure

Big bag of air (AMA)

Imagine a world where the secrets of flight are hidden in the most unexpected places—a world where a simple bag of air holds the key to soaring through the skies. This is not just a whimsical thought; it’s rooted in the groundbreaking work of Daniel Bernoulli, a pioneer in fluid dynamics. His experiments revealed that the pressure of air decreases as its speed increases, a principle that is fundamental to understanding how airplanes lift off the ground. Dive into the fascinating story of Bernoulli’s discoveries and uncover how a big bag of air can teach us about the forces that enable flight. It’s a tale of curiosity, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge that continues to inspire aviators and scientists alike!