Pre-K Quick Projects - Be The Plane

Be the Plane  

Learning Standards/Creative Arts Foundation 1: Music. Early learners develop foundational skills that support creative expression through voice, instruments, and objects.

CA1.1: Demonstrate creative music expression
1. Infant - Experiment with vocalizations and sounds
2. Younger Toddler - Imitate sounds using voice or objects  
3. Older Toddler - Experiment with vocalizations, sounds, and musical instruments 
4. Younger Preschool - Listen and respond to music
5. Older Preschool - Use familiar rhymes, songs, chants, and musical instruments to express creativity
Additional Learning Standards/Concepts/Practices: Listening, Observing, Categorize Sounds and Shapes. See Pennsylvania Pre-K Learning Standard 3.2 PK B.5 – create and describe variations of sound.

Materials Needed

No Flying in the House by Betty Brock

Part 1: Read-aloud 

No Flying in the House by Betty Brock

Part 2: Discussion 

Ask the students if they ever pretend to be something different, like an airplane. Tell them (or have one of them tell) why it is fun to pretend. “Today we are going to learn about airplanes by pretending to be airplanes”. Activate prior learning by asking if they remember the previous lesson on airplane sounds. Ask them to think about which one they liked best. 

Part 3: Activity 

A: Tell students they may pretend to be their favorite airplane (by extending their arms), but they must wait their turn. (You might direct them to each walk around the whole group while making their sound) to control the amount of time spent
B: After each “flight simulation” the students may guess the airplane type
C: Instruct the whole group to stand up, start their airplane sound, and fly “in formation” (whatever the teacher would like that to be) around the room
D: While they “fly”, ask the student to “land” at their desk chair or back on the carpet and turn their airplane engine off

Part 4: Summary 

Today you learned about using your imagination. It is fun to use your imagination. Sometimes while reading a book, it is fun to pretend that you are in the story. Have fun using your imagination every day.