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Learn how AMA Executive Vice President Randy Cameron has used the "All Pro Dads" program to introduce his son's classmates to model aviation.

The AMA Intro Pilot Program gives clubs the opportunity to introduce non-AMA members to aeromodeling while providing liability insurance coverage.

Patrick Sherman of Roswell Flight Test Crew shares beginner tips of how to fly first-person view (FPV).

AMA Jr. Camp is designed to be a hands-on introduction to model aviation for students, and that’s why the projects are designed to incorporate as many household materials as possible! However, there are a couple of projects where specialized equipment and parts are a great benefit. Make sure you have everything you need, or save yourself the trouble and have a Jr. Camp Flight Pack on hand! A Flight Pack is the perfect way to enjoy these on-demand trainings in whatever setting you choose.


AMA Jr. Camp 2021 is an online virtual camp experience developed and presented by the Academy of Model Aeronautics. It is designed to be a fun, preparatory course for youth ages 5-13 to learn model aviation fundamentals that will help to prepare them for future, more advanced aeromodeling opportunities.

The AMA Education Department proudly recommends the following AUTHORIZED AMA STE(A)M PROGRAM partners who promote the highest standards of STEM/STE(A)M education utilizing model aviation as an integral part of the curriculum.

Introducing the AMA BETA, our next generation free flight flyer! This model is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Does your club want to introduce model aviation to its youth, newcomers, friends and neighbors? If you answered "yes," you will want to learn more about the AMA's TAG grant program.

Here's one you can do at home! Follow along as Gus Posey, STEAM Lead at Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum, teaches you how to fold the classic Nakamura paper airplane. Support Wings Over the Rockies


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