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AMA and NASA Develop a Formal Partnership

AMA Ambassador and NASA Astronaut Hoot Gibson shares his story with attendees of the CSI: Flight Adventures exhibit opening.

AMA and NASA Develop a Formal Partnership

By Kyle Jaracz and Gwen Mathis | [email protected]

AMA IS UNIQUELY POSITIONED as a leader in developing the aviation pipeline. Since 1936, the organization has stood at the forefront of evolving UAS technology, adapting to trends and regulations to keep UAS safely in the sky.

In keeping with its history of safety, AMA remains the credible authority for designing and implementing safe, competitive, educational, and fun programs. Model aviation endows skills that prepare students for aviation careers. In 1965, NASA Deputy Administrator Hugh L. Dryden stated, "It is a matter of record within NASA that model-building and flying skills are a tremendous asset to our research personnel." National heroes, such as Neil Armstrong, Robert "Hoot" Gibson, and Matt Keennon, got their start in model aviation.

AMA Ambassador and NASA Astronaut Hoot Gibson shares his story with attendees of the CSI: Flight Adventures exhibit opening.

AMA and NASA have a longstanding record of proactively working together to inspire a love of aviation in the US. NASA facilities often boast a nearby AMA model aviation club, where they share our passion for flight. AMA has collaborated with NASA engineers on myriad projects, such as the Heavy Lift STEM Challenge, the UAS4STEM Search and Rescue Challenge, the AMA Expo Speaker Series, Model Aviation magazine articles, biographies, and even a dedicated exhibit space in the National Model Aviation Museum in Muncie, Indiana, that provides emphasis on STEM-focused, real-world work that NASA conducts using subscale models to test aerodynamic principles.

AMA continues to inspire all ages to pursue flight through model aircraft of all styles. It is a world-class association of modelers that is organized for the purpose of the promotion, development, education, advancement, and safeguarding of modeling activities. AMA provides leadership, organization, competition, communication, protection, representation, recognition, education, and scientific/technical development to modelers.

AMA members are the pathway to the future of modeling and are committed to making it the foremost sport/hobby in the world. Their efforts result in lifelong passions for aviation in a multitude of forms that encompass the hobby of aeromodeling, the competitive aspects of the sport, careers in aviation, or a combination of these elements. The results are almost always positive (after all, we do crash our models sometimes).

AMA’s experience and broad network provide resources for us to draw upon for program outreach, including approximately 2,500 model aviation clubs based in communities across the US and Model Aviation Student Clubs that are affiliated with schools and other youth organizations.

Recognizing the similarities between AMA’s mission and the desire of NASA to inspire the next generation of aviation professionals, the two entities have begun to formalize their relationship through an official partnership. This will enable them to utilize each other’s unique assets to further mutual goals.

At AMA, we strive to provide our members with intentional, effective content to encourage advancement within modeling activities. By partnering with NASA, AMA will reach a new audience that might be unaware of our nonprofit and its mission. As students engage in AMA content, they will begin their journey in modeling, which, in turn, can lead to a lifelong hobby and open the doors for them to grow an interest in a career in STEAM. As mentioned previously, many famous individuals in STEAM fields found their love of aerospace through modeling.

NASA seeks to explore air and space. Model airplanes are many people’s introduction to the world of aeronautics. We hope to continue to see NASA volunteers at the UAS4STEM competition fostering this interest, allowing competitors to see the opportunities that modeling brings and continuing to participate and grow in our strong community.

AMA recognizes that we are a part of a larger aviation community, inspiring greater good through model aviation pursuits. We’re happy to continue working alongside NASA, in addition to our other partners in the world of aviation, as the most easily accessible avenue to the sky.


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