Patrick Sherman of Roswell Flight Test Crew shares beginner tips of how to fly first-person view (FPV).
Model Aviation Student Club, or MASC, is a chartering program for school aeromodeling clubs!
Introducing a drone STEM program from the Academy of Model Aeronautics, UAS4STEM!
In this video series, learn the basics of flying first-person view (FPV) with the FPV Academy!

DroneBlocks offers everything you need to start a drone programming course or club for your 4th-8th grade students.

An inside look at how RC transmitters work By Gerry Yarrish Photos By Pete Hall
Drones have revolutionized flight, but how did they get here?
PowerPoint presentation from the FAASTeam regarding FAA guidelines and regulations for the Model Aircraft Pilot
The RC Logger FPV system is a plug-and-play solution with multiple applications - air, ground and more! In this article, Jim T. Graham discusses the benefits of using this particular FPV system.
Are you an RC pilot that is interested in quadcopters but have no idea where to start? Looking for a great FPV platform? In this article, we take a look at the DJI Phantom provided by DroneFly.


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