Smoke Tunnel Plans

By Dwayne Hunt and Carol Galica of the NASA Glenn Research Center

The purpose of this project is to give educators and students a cost-effective means to demonstrate airflow over different objects using a simple type of wind tunnel called a “little smokie”.

The information is found in four sections:

1. Material list (all items needed to construct the smoke tunnel)
2. Tool list (an optional list of tools required to construct the project)
3. Written instructions (Construction and Assembly)
4. Schematics of the Assembly

NOTE: Some items listed can be replaced with more expensive items if desired. The objective of this project was to keep the expense and the construction to a minimum. If different objects are available, they can be substituted for the listed items. This will be the decision of those participating in the assembly of the project. NASA takes no responsibility for any resulting action from assembling this project.

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