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Foam Plate Cloud Tramp


By Gary Hinze

Responding to a discussion about airplanes made from foam plates and a proposed Foam Plate Airplane Contest, I started working on a foam plate airplane based on Cloud Tramp proportions. I’ve wanted to build a foam CT anyway.

Building a Foam Plate Cloud Tramp

This is a long tutorial. Being long makes it look complicated. It is not. It looks complicated because I have broken the building sequence down into the smallest simple steps. Each step is simple. There are many steps, but each of them is easy. Once you have gathered all the tools and materials together on your work table, it may take you an hour and a half to two hours to complete the construction. Be patient, take your time, do each simple step and at the end you will have a great flying airplane.

Note – these directions are for foam plates with 5  1/2″ of flat surface in the center. Later I found plates with 6″ of flat surface. This tutorial was written for and uses photos of the build from 5  1/2″ disks of foam. The exact same steps are involved in building one from a 6″ disk, with the dimensions changed accordingly. The numbers to use with a 6″ disk will be given in [square brackets] where necessary. Some of the dimensions don’t need to change, like the wire landing gear struts.  At the end of this article I will also show you how to make a tailplane that is correctly proportioned in size from two pieces.


Click HERE to view the build tutorial



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