This easy-to-follow guide will help you plan community outreach events for your club!


Tony Stillman discusses an issue that an AMA club experienced regarding insurance coverage for flying sites.
When using public transportation to travel with your model aircraft, it is important to know the specific laws that the United States Transportation Security Administration enforces. This article discusses these specific laws and provides recommendations for traveling with your model aircraft.
This article contains information about the benefits of hosting a community event through your AMA club while supporting a charitable organization.

Dave Scott discusses how emphasizing quality over quantity, focusing on proficiency and helping students practice correctly can help one become a more effective instructor.

Getting a flying site remains a matter of local people locating a suitable piece of ground and then making the correct approach to the owners/administrators.

Use the AMA Club Charter search tool to find a club near you.
The Fly RC Staff from Fly RC Magazine explain how to hold a club pylon race.



Control Line was officially recognized as a formal event for competition in 1942