This easy-to-follow guide will help you plan community outreach events for your club!

A Cause-and-Effect Approach to Understanding Thriving and Declining Club Trends

Learn how to create and publish your own club newsletter!

Does your club have a Flight Training Program in place? Here you will find a collection of Flight Training Manuals we've received from several clubs. These are a great resource for developing your own!

The AMA Intro Pilot Program gives clubs the opportunity to introduce non-AMA members to aeromodeling while providing liability insurance coverage.

Hosting a club open house is a great way to get the community involved in model aviation!

AMA member Clarence Ragland explains his training technique to help instructors quickly teach their students how to fly model aircraft.

Clubs can use the fillable-pdf to congratulate students on their first solo flight!


The first national competition for model airplanes occurred in 1915.