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Career Exploration Day


ON MAY 2, 2024, Education Director Kyle Jaracz and Education Development Coordinator Gwen Mathis met virtually with first- and fourth-grade students at a K-8 STEM school in Arizona. After performing a short skit about flying model aircraft to get the students interested and ready to learn, the pair moved into a lesson about the four forces of flight: lift, thrust, weight, and drag. They demonstrated these principles using the AMA Education department’s Jet Cup, Paper Airplane, and Coffee Filter Paratrooper AMA Quick Projects.

AMA Quick Projects are an awesome way to teach aviation principles and concepts in engaging and hands-on ways! For the educators out there, AMA Quick Projects are Next Generation Science Standard-Aligned, so they can easily be implemented into your next lesson!

Although the students might seem slightly young to learn about complex aviation and aerodynamic principles, it’s important to introduce these concepts early on so that kids get the chance to explore and learn what interests them. By exploring these interests at a young age, children can go on to cultivate lifelong passions and careers!

If you are interested in including model aviation and AMA educational resources into your learning environment, you can get started in all sorts of ways! You can reach the AMA Education team by emailing [email protected] or calling (765) 287-1256, ext. 6. 

Feedback and success stories from educators using these resources are not only welcomed, but are also encouraged! The Education team is always happy to hear and respond to feedback to ensure that the lesson plans are easy to access and implement in any educational space. Please reach out with any questions, critiques, and personal stories involving the AMA Education department’s resources. We look forward to seeing where flight takes you!