The AMA welcomes you to discover flight!


View a demonstration of how to build an indoor catapult-launch glider! Hosted by AMA members Rick Crosslin and Tom Sanders. Plans, a material list and instructions that describe how to build an indoor catapult-launch glider are included with this video.
Painting foam board can be challenging. Here are a few tips for getting the best results when painting your foam board aircraft.
Dave Gee, a member of the AMA Education Committee, illustrates how to modify a Sky Streak.
Nick Maxwell, an AMA Youth Ambassador and world-famous Team Futaba pilot, shows you how to execute Horizontal Funnels with your helicopter!
Leonardo da Vinci would have been fascinated by the work of scientists from the University of Maryland who recently took a major step toward artificial bird-like flight.


The first national competition for model airplanes occurred in 1915.

Learn about Life Weight and Thrust in this interactive game

Learn about Pitch, Yaw, and Roll in this interactive game

Learn to build the FPG-9 airplane in this interactive tutorial