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The DIY UMX A-5 Build

THE ONE WEEK UMX A-5 VIGILANTE BUILD By Chris Wolfe, The RC Geek Once in a long while my good Friend Brent (Corsair Nut) gets to spend some time in

Foam Plate Cloud Tramp

By Gary Hinze Responding to a discussion about airplanes made from foam plates and a proposed Foam Plate Airplane Contest, I started working on a foam

Project 3X5

By John Anderson Project 3X5 is a unique approach to educational aerodynamics-using simple 3"X5" index cards to create interesting, good flying paper

Making a Fantastic Foam Flyer

By Bill Kuhl Click here to view the original article Check out his website for a lot of great science activities! 9″ Diameter Foam Plates 5 1/2″ or 6″