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Students begin to assemble their sUAS for UAS4Stem Search & Rescue Challenge

The Torch team out of Great Mills, Maryland have just finished their first build session! UAS4Stem is a search and rescue mission program designed to encourage UAV development in students grades 8-12. Along with their team sponsor Andrew Pontzer, they have put together some helpful tips for other teams: (1) Check the plastic tube clamps for extra plastic around the bolt holes and remove with a razor knife. The extra plastic will keep the clamps from properly seating together on the tube. Only three of our clamps need to be trimmed. (2) Mount the motors to the plates first so you can align the tube clamps so the wires will feed directly into the end of the tube. (3) Remove the metal throttle click leaf spring and replace it with the smooth leaf spring provided in the Futaba box. (4) Make sure you have blue locktite and at least 2 sets of ball drivers and nut drivers so you can build the center body and arms at the same time. For more information about UAS4Stem, visit

UAS For SteM