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David Gee attends the 2nd annual SoCal Maker Con

The So Cal Maker Convention is an event inspired by the emerging Maker Movement; a movement of amateurs, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, DIYers, students, and professionals. Anyone that has a desire to design, tinker, innovate, or invent may attend. The event was well attended with Dave reporting that their booth was crowded with interested youth most of the day. The Black Sheep Squadron had a revolving tree as part of their display at the event. It featured free flight models that the younger crowd couldn’t get enough of. The booth was set up to be very hands on. The attendees were encouraged to touch the airplanes on display and ask questions about model aviation. Dave also did several flight demonstrations using lightweight balsa free flight models. Overall the event was a great success with lots of AMA program information going out. Finally, Dave was excited to report that the Black Sheep even gained a few new members.

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Jeff Gee attends the So Cal Maker Con on November 7th, 2015. His table promoted the AMA, his local club, and Model Aviation magazine.[/caption]