How Do I Get a Flying Site?

Getting a flying site remains a matter of local people locating a suitable piece of ground and then making the correct approach to the owners/administrators. This approach must dignify the sport; legitimize the need; and show how model aviation is a constructive, educational, and excellent recreational activity that is governed by a safety code and federal regulations. The size of your national organization (AMA), the number of chartered clubs and the wide support from industrial and educational institutions add up to an excellent story to support your requests for flying privileges.

Suggested Flying Site Locations

Free or Low Cost Sites:

Superfund Sites

Many clubs have found refuge on Superfund sites. These sites offer lots of open space with long-term leases as the norm. Once a site is located, the FSAC can contact the EPA on your behalf to determine if the site remedy is compatible with model aircraft use. Use the EPA – AMA Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to assist in opening doors of communication with the site owner. There are two videos listed in the resources below that you will want to view to help you better understand the process and the partnership. Go to to start your search for Superfund sites in your area.

State and National Parks

Park Rangers are eager to find new ways to bring exposure to our great parks. Be prepared to address EPA and environmental concerns. Again a proven track record coupled with testimonials and club success stories should help your case.

Local Parks

Contact your city Parks and Recreation Department to propose dedicating space for model aviation. Demonstrate your clubs' community value and service as well as the ability to promote and drive traffic to your city's parks. Utilize this sites' testimonials and club success stories  to address many concerns.

Rental/Lease Property:

Agricultural Areas

Many AMA clubs enjoy fields located on farm or agricultural land. Large corporations and small family farms alike can make a great flying site. Once you establish trust and rapport, many farmers have made wonderful arrangements with clubs.

Closed Locations

Clubs have found great flying sites on closed military bases, factories, and event hospitals. If your club is willing to relive the owner of the burden of property maintance, this can be a great temporary or permanent home.

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