AMA Member Dr. Mark Drela

South Bay Soaring Society members appreciate Dr. Mark Drela’s contributions to our hobby, but Kyle decided it was finally time to shine additional light on what this remarkable MIT professor has accomplished in the field of aviation. Just his freely available airfoils (wing cross sections) and airfoil analysis software alone would be enough to improve the performance of our sailplanes over the years, but his deep research into human powered flight, model sailplane design, build technics, hand launch gliders, flexible/rotating wings, and commercial aviation all are improving aviation for our hobby and the world. 

Kyle will review his key accomplishments in his talk including:

• Early very small scale rubber powered models 
• Indoor hand launch glider record
• Human powered flight records and prizes
• Current holder of fastest self-propelled human in a boat
• Key designs in discus launch gliders (DLG), thermal duration, and Rudder Spoiler Elevator (RES) gliders
• Aviation analysis software 
• Design of the commercial airliner of the future

Dr. Drela  typically has a hobby interest, a consulting contract, or an MIT class in a branch of aviation and then proceeds to invent the software, prototypes, and designs that take them to a level that few in the world could ever come close to matching. Come hear this talk and you will know how lucky we are Dr. Drela has a keen interest in our hobby as well as all things aeronautical.