How Do I Learn to Fly the DroneFly DJI Phantom?

By Jim T. Graham for RCGROUPS

An Average Pilot with Quad Aspirations

When it comes to my RC skills, I consider myself average. I learned on a .40 glow trainer and then got totally into electric planes. I have had everything from small home-made foamies, small to electric helis and large kit built 60" biplanes. I have to admit I didn't stick with the helis very long. In recent years all the talk seems to be about quad copters but from my perspective these RC platforms seemed to be pretty complicated and since I never fell in love with helis I figured it wasn't for me. Then one day I was talking to Taylor Chien from Dronefly.

Taylor Chien of

A few weeks ago I was talking to Taylor Chien from Taylor is a director, DP (director of photography) and an editor out in California. He won awards in his teens for his short films and ultimately attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura, Ca. He started out working with CBS and now has his own company as well as Dronefly specializes in quads and if you need something quad or FPV related they probably have it.

You Can Do It!

The goal of this article is to find out if someone with little or no heli experience and zero quad experience can fly the DJI Phantom. Will my RC plane skill set transfer to the Phantom? Will flying a quad be stressful or fun? I'm sure there are guys just like me wondering the same thing. This article should answer those questions for you and tell you a little bit about this amazing...that's right amazing, craft.

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