How Do I Choose A Flight Simulator?

By Mark Briggs

Real Flight

If you are looking for a flight simulator that allows you to handle many different models of aircraft, this may be the best for you to choose. The program is impressive and offers its users many features that help develop the skills necessary for flying an RC aircraft.

Though it may seem difficult in the beginning, a little practice and following the instructions on the manual will help achieve the goal much quicker. Not only does this help you fly the craft in real life, but it also provides a lot of fun.

Main features

The best part about this simulator is that comes with a broad range of planes and helicopters. Since every plane and helicopter is different, the flying experience and controls for each will vary as well. Having about 140 different ones allows you to practice on almost every sort of aircraft that you will find on the market, so whenever you go out to purchase one, you will be able to fly it well from the start.

The second most impressive feature about this product is that it comes with various challenges. You will feel that it is nothing short of a great game. There will be various obstacles and courses that you can complete with this model, which will come in handy for real life as well.


  • It comes with RealPhysics technology that allows you to recreate a multi-rotor aircraft.
  • Easy to use and supports a couple of aircraft which you can practice on.
  • ​The experience will make you feel like you are flying it in real life.
  • It comes with TrueView realistic lighting.
  • ​It includes multimode and multiplayer.
  • You get to combat using various weapons.

Phoenix RC Simulator G6.5 G5 G4 

This model of an RC simulator is easy to use, and its software can be downloaded online. It is very reasonably priced as well and has been given a good customer rating. This means that the product will not disappoint you at all and will allow you to practice your flying before you take to the real field. The flight simulator comes equipped with many features, all of which add to the performance of the product. The package also includes various things that will elevate your flight experience.

Main features

You will not need any batteries with it, which is an added advantage as you will not have to spend extra. Turning on and using the remote is quite easy; you simply plug it into the computer using the USB port, and it will be good to go. The gadget will be operational once you have downloaded and run the required software.

The graphics are simply amazing. You get 3D graphics and sound effects, which takes the user experience to a whole another level. When you start, you will feel in the middle of a fantastic game, which will be very useful when you take the real plane out for a ride.


  • You will find the software online which will need to be downloaded.
  • You will feel no difference between a regular flight and the model flight simulator as it uses the same type of transmitter.
  • Easy to work and only needs to be connected via a USB port.
  • The graphics and performance level of the product are impressive.
  • FMS and AeroFly Pro Deluxe

AccuRC Precision Flight

If you are looking for a simulator that gives you more than just simulation, this is the perfect model for you. With this, you will have an amazing flying experience. You may not even want to switch to a real plane in the end.

Everything about this product is noteworthy, and the best part is that it is available at a reasonable price. The simulator is one of the best in the market and has received a high customer rating as well.

Main features

Searching means that you will mostly get stuck with those that come with preprogrammed models. However, this product is different as it allows you to configure your settings. When you do that, you have the ability to adjust the configuration of the models according to your needs. This increases the fun element of the product and allows you to practice at a stage you feel best.

It comes with an efficient control system as well that lets you control each and every aspect of your model. At the workbench, you can view the entire aircraft and set it according to your needs. This way you can adjust the plane and you will be able to fly it better.


  • It allows you to configure the settings of the aircraft according to your needs.
  • You can set up one model more than one time and have different copies of it.
  • You will have a workbench where you can view and change the plane. You have the ability to customize it.

Absolute RC Simulator

This product will provide you with a complete experience. You will be able to practice as much as you need with this software before you turn to an actual aircraft. From this, you will be able to save a lot of extra cash as you will know how to fly a plane, reducing the chances of it crashing.

The experience, graphics, and everything else about this product are superb. The best part is that you get to practice on many types of airplanes and helicopters.

Main features

When you sit in front of your computer and turn on the simulator, you will fall in love with the visuals. The graphics experience are very lifelike and highly accurate. It will feel as though you are flying the real thing. This is good because when you have to use a real aircraft, you will not notice much difference, making you a better flyer.

It is not only limited to RC planes and helicopters. You can even practice on various boats. The water settings will almost be similar to the real one, and you will learn how to maneuver the boat according to the currents and other obstacles you get on the water.


  • It allows you to configure the settings of the aircraft according to your needs.
  • Experience is very realistic.
  • You will be able to practice on airplanes, boats, and helicopters.
  • You will be able to fly in various fields, overcoming various obstacles.
  • There will be many interactive objects when you are going for the advanced helicopter training.
  • There will be four control models for you to use with three different skill settings and four camera modes.

Great Planes 7 with Tactic TTX600

Another great product to use, you will find this simulator to be very useful before taking out the real thing. Apart from the amazing flight experience, the features of the product add significant value to the entire thing.

Though you may feel that it is priced a bit on the higher end, it will give you an experience like no other. It is easily compatible with almost any type of Windows interface, which allows you to use it efficiently without the need for upgrades.

Main features

The heli-physics of the product has been vastly improved. You now get to experience the best of sound and motion of the aircraft that you are flying. This adds to the life-likeness of the plane that you have chosen. You will also see a difference in the smallest of things such as the blur of the wheels and engine sounds.

Adding to the compatibility of the product, it is suitable for use if your computer is supporting Windows 7, 8, Vista or XP. If you have any other OS, you will need to ensure that you install either of these to have an uninterrupted flying experience.


  • The sound and motions physics have been upgraded.
  • It comes with value-added features such as a flight simulator DVD and Mode 2 Interface and Transmitter.
  • You will need batteries to operate the controller.
  • ​You will also get a chance to play in unlimited combat mode.
  • You will be able to test pilot the aircraft using various obstacles and events.
  • It comes with TrueView realistic lighting as well.
  • The graphics are simply amazing.

RC AirSim

This is probably one of those products that offer a lot of different features. It will live up to your expectations and will deliver performance and quality. It is rated as one of the best simulators that you can buy.

If you are looking for a realistic experience that allows you to have a lot of fun while learning the basics of flying, this product will be suited for you. The variety of features offered with this product allows you to ensure that you get the best possible learning from this product.

Main features

The simulation technology used by this product is based on NASA's flight simulation. This means that the experience you get is not only brilliant but also as close to the original as possible. The flight aerodynamics is all based on NASA's flight simulator, so you can be sure about the accuracy of the flight. These are one of the best in the world and have been applied so that you can experience the best.

You will be able to accurately handle the landing and ground handling of the airplane. This will be very useful when you are handling a real plane as a bad landing can damage the aircraft.


  • It comes equipped with NASA’s aerodynamics
  • A plane crash is just as realistic as the flight.
  • You will be able to land the aircraft accurately and handle it on the ground too.
  • You get three viewing options, four channel controls, and three control modes
  • The sound are just as impressive as the graphics..

Great Planes RealFlight - Basic Mode 2

This model is very reasonable and quite reliable as the manufacturer has been in business for a few years. The product is also one of the best in the market, providing a real flight experience to anyone who is looking for training in flying an RC controlled aircraft.

The software is readily available and is compatible with a variety of OSes. It is easy to use and will ensure that you have one of the best experiences of flying an aircraft. You will also have hours of fun playing on this piece of technology.

Main features

There are about 47 different aircraft available that you can choose from, the likes of which includes sailplanes, helicopters, airplanes, foam ones, gliders, and aerobats. The aerobats and helicopters are present in 3D and ensure that you get an excellent experience which is accurate and similar to what you get when flying the real deal. From the list of choices, you can choose the one that you plan on using in reality.

There are six different 3D photo fields included in the software, so you can choose from any one of them and have an accurate flying simulation. The obstacles will also feel very real, and you will be able to perform well.


  • You can choose from a list of 47 different aircraft.
  • You get a quick select menu, and the navigator is easy to use.
  • ​There are about six different 3D photo fields present.
  • You can control the speed and direction of the wind as well.

Phoenix R/C Pro Simulator V5.0

Rated as one of the top simulators that money can buy, there are countless great reviews present online about this product. The visuals will not disappoint, and you will be able to train yourself as a beginner, intermediate, or expert user.

You will find this product to be updated with the latest technology that is available these days. It is also very reliable and will be helpful for you for a long time. It is easy to use and can also be used by children of different ages. The pricing of this product will fall in the middle range, but you get good value for money.

Main features

When you use this, you will get a video tutorial, which has been made with the help of pilots who are world renowned. Hence, you can be sure that if you follow what they say, you will be able to fly just as well as them in no time.

Another major feature of this product is that it has over 200 aircraft included. This exceeds the amount of many other simulators. All these aircraft are great in their own way and will allow you to choose the one that best suits you. You can practice on any one of them depending on what you want to fly.


  • The physics  has been imported and provides excellent performance.
  • You can edit and customize your planes and flight characteristics.
  • It comes with ASEX and SAFE technologies.
  • The downloads for planes and fields are free.

Things to look for in a Remote Control Flight Simulator

Before you choose an RC simulator, you need to make sure that the one you have selected ticks the checklist presented below. This way you will be sure that you are purchasing a high-quality product which will ensure a great experience and learning.

The number of aircrafts available

You may have a different type of aircraft that you would like to fly which may not be available. This is why it is important to ensure that the product supports a few different aircraft so that you can choose one of your liking. You will be able to train better with a plane that is similar to the one you own.


Being able to customize the aircraft and its surroundings is important as it will allow you to practice in different types of settings. It will ensure that you can handle your device when faced with a variety of situations.


It is important that the visuals are great. It will give you an excellent flying experience while making sure that you fly accurately and maneuver with precision.


Make sure that your simulator has different areas that you can travel to. This will make sure that you get to practice in different settings and when faced with various real-life situations, you will be able to overcome the circumstances better.

Batteries or connection

You need to check whether the controller will turn on just by connecting to the computer or you would require batteries to operate it. You can prepare yourself accordingly.


This is an important factor because is not compatible with your computer, it is rendered useless. You will need to either purchase another device or change your computer.


No matter which one of the above-listed you buy, you can be sure that you will have one of the best experiences ever. They are all perfectly capable of teaching and training you how to fly an aircraft or glider on different levels. The 3D technology, obstacles, and fields are great factors that you will witness when you are flying the real thing.

It is wise to use a simulator before switching to the real thing as it lessens the chances of you crashing your aircraft. This, in turn, saves you money as you will not need to purchase a new one or other parts of the plane.

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