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AMA Jr. Camp V2 Project 2: Unveiling the AMA BETA Free Flight Aircraft

"Embark on the AMA BETA Adventure! Unveiling the AMA BETA free flight aircraft, a testament to the ingenuity of AMA Jr. Camp V2. This rubber-powered marvel is not just a model airplane; it’s a canvas for experimentation and learning.

Building Your Own AMA BETA: The journey begins with the assembly instructions nestled within the AMA BETA box. Assembling this aircraft is more than a task; it’s a hands-on lesson in aerodynamics and engineering.

Mastering the Flight: With the basics under your belt, it’s time to take flight with the AMA BETA. Free flight, the venerable art of model aviation, offers a unique challenge: once airborne, the aircraft is yours to influence through its design and your skillful manipulation of its control surfaces.

The AMA BETA Unveiled: At first glance, the AMA BETA may seem deceptively simple. Yet, upon closer inspection, its sophisticated features come to light. The airfoil-shaped wing and tail stabilizer are adept at generating lift and maintaining equilibrium. The movable control surfaces grant you command over the aircraft’s roll, pitch, and yaw.

Powered by Rubber: The heart of the AMA BETA lies in its rubber power source, propelling it skyward and sustaining its flight. The meticulous assembly, precise control surface adjustments, and the number of winds in the rubber all play pivotal roles in its performance.

Beyond Flight: The AMA BETA transcends its role as a flying model; it’s an educational tool par excellence. Our online lessons at transform this aircraft into a platform for advanced learning. While some projects may challenge younger students, they offer invaluable insights with guidance from educators or parents.

Join us in celebrating the AMA BETA – where every flight is a lesson, and every lesson takes you higher!"

AMA Jr. Camp V2 Bonus Project Video

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