Where is Camp AMA located?

Camp AMA is located at the Academy of Model Aeronautics’ International Aeromodeling Center (IAC) in Muncie IN.

When is Camp AMA?

June 11-17, 2023

What ages can attend Camp AMA?

We accept campers age 13 to 17.

My child is 17 now but will be 18 when Camp AMA takes place. Can they still attend?

No, we cannot make any exceptions to the age cap. We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause.

What does the $1,195 tuition include?

Tuition for Camp AMA includes instruction and mentorship from world-class aeromodeling pilots, classroom instruction from guest speakers in the aviation industry, room and board, transportation to and from the IAC, admission costs to off-site field trips, and more.

Is AMA membership included in the tuition?

No. You will be required to sign your child up for a Youth Membership, which is only $15 per year. This membership category affords your child all of the benefits of an Adult Membership, including digital access to our award-winning magazine, Model Aviation, at a fraction of the cost. More information is available here. You will be asked to provide your child’s AMA number when registering him or her for Camp AMA.

Does tuition include airfare or travel to Muncie IN?

No. You will be responsible for your child’s arrival to and departure from camp. We will provide transportation from the Indianapolis International Airport and any transportation needed for the duration of camp (to and from the hotel, to any off-site field trips, etc.).

What flight times should I schedule?

Currently we’re looking to pick up any campers flying into Indianapolis between 11am and 2pm EST on Sunday, June 11, and drop off any campers flying OUT of Indianapolis between 10am and 12pm on Saturday, June 17. They should be encouraged to reach out to the Education team if they are having trouble finding a flight with those arrival/departure times.

Where will the campers be staying?

The campers will be residing at a Muncie hotel for the duration of camp. Campers will share a room with one other camper of the same sex. The hotel provides free WiFi access, free hot breakfasts, and an indoor pool. Camp AMA chaperones will be on staff each night to ensure that campers remain in their rooms during quiet hours.


What should I pack for my child?

Because a portion of Camp AMA takes place outdoors, we recommend packing everything he or she would need for summertime (T-shirts, shorts, swimsuits, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, sandals, etc.). We also recommend comfortable closed-toe shoes (such as sneakers) to wear while on the flying field.

How will the campers be fed? Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Campers will enjoy a free, hot breakfast each day at the hotel (we do not have control over what is provided at breakfast because it is a benefit to all hotel guests) and will be provided with lunch, dinner, and snacks as part of the tuition. If your child has a dietary restriction, please contact us directly at We will do our best to accommodate your child’s dietary needs.


What is the level of supervision?

The campers will have AMA staff supervision during instructional and recreational hours at the IAC. During after hours, AMA chaperones will be present at the hotel to supervise the campers and ensure quiet hours are kept, and AMA staff will be on call to handle any situations that arise.

How is your camp staff selected, and what kind of screening process must they go through before camp?

We only hire staffers who have shown themselves to be upstanding members of the aeromodeling community. All camp staff must undergo a background check and complete Youth Protection Training, which covers identifying and preventing child abuse, bullying, and sexual abuse. Staff is also encouraged to be CPR certified, but it is not required.


What will the campers do at night?

Evening activities will vary on a nightly basis depending on the specific day’s schedule. Most often, campers will have self-directed time out on our flying site to freely develop skills and interests that may have been piqued through the structured daytime activities, make any necessary repairs to their equipment, or simply unwind and enjoy each other’s company in the cooler temperatures! And of course, the final night of Camp always involves a delicious cookout, bonfire, and special night-flying activities led by our incredible instructors!

What if my child takes medication?

You will need to include any medical conditions your child has and any medications he or she takes on the camp application. We have local assets in case of medical emergency, but it is ultimately your responsibility to instruct your child on his or her personal medication procedures before camp.


My child has multiple large aircraft to bring to camp. How do I ship these?

Campers can ship their equipment directly to the Academy of Model Aeronautics at their own expense. Return shipping must be provided to send aircraft home. Please contact for more information.

Can my child bring a cellphone to camp? What are your rules for cellphone use?

Cellphones will be allowed, but only during free time such as lunch or after hours at the hotel. Cellphone use will not be allowed during instructional time. Failure to comply with this rule will result in flying privileges being revoked.

My child is new to aeromodeling. How much flying experience is needed to attend Camp AMA?

From the beginner to the expert pilot, all skill levels are welcome at Camp AMA! Campers are expected to understand the AMA Safety Code. A basic understanding and the ability to safely fly RC aircraft is a prerequisite. Please contact us directly at to make arrangements to use AMA-owned equipment.

I’m concerned about the safety of my child’s aircraft and equipment. Where will the equipment be stored overnight?

All equipment will be stored in a secure location overnight.

What happens if my child crashes his or her airplane?

We will attempt to repair any aircraft that crashes, but if it is beyond repair, AMA has equipment available for the campers to utilize. All campers are required to be AMA members and are thus covered by our comprehensive programs and benefits package, which can be viewed here.